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Ever since ’10, there’s been rumours floating that there’s been a leaked released Tina Fey Hot Sex Tape. There are several reports stating that in the video they’d see Tina Fey naked.

Tina Fey was born in Upper Darby, Pa, just west of Philly, in the early 70′s to Donald and Jeannec Fey.Over time, Tina made history through becoming the very first woman head writer in the SNL’s history. Tina also made her screen debut as a featured player throughout the twenty fifth season by co-anchoring Weekend Update together with Jimmy Fallon. Ever since Tina and Jimmy have taken over Weekend Update it’s been regarded as the very best ever. This season she made it to full fledged superstar from becoming a regular cast list member, although she’s barely on the program, apart from Update. And in the past 2 summers, Tina and Rachel Dratch played their own two woman showcase to critical acclaim both in Chicago , il (late 90s) as well as Ny (2000) making their Aspen Comedy Festival First appearance. Tina is married to Jeff Richmond, a Second City movie director and presently lives in Nyc.

Unveiled in an interview that she didn’t lose her virginity till she was twenty-four years of age. She additionally says she was a virgin when she met up with her partner, and he is the only guy she’s been sexual with. Tina and her hubby, Jeff Richmond, had a daughter, Alice Zenobia Richmond, on September 10, 2005.

Naked pictures of somebody that may resemble the celebrity had been unveiled on the internet — causing discussion whether or not the woman in the photos really was the actual 30 Rock actress.

The photos had 1000s of internet users very much convinced, but could they be the work of a Photo shop mischief maker?

It isn’t the very first time Tina’s been struck by naked picture accusations — several extremely convincing photos, allegedly of the celebrity without having her clothing on, also hit the web this past year.

Yesterday’s pictures have finally been removed, however were they in fact of Tina?

Tina’s management state it is certainly not her, so we will give her representative the last word. She informed us: “All these pictures are obviously phony and I am disappointed that anybody could take them seriously.

“This isn’t the first-time that fraudsters did this, there have been a few similar photos doing the rounds a year ago. Plainly mischief making!”

During last year, rumours have spread over the web that an alleged sex tape of Tina Fey had been leaked out. It had been stated that in the video showed Tina Fey nude all throughout. The Tina Fey hot sex tape additionally displays Tina delivering oral to an unidentified man and did a climax…Fey being on top of Jeff Richmond.

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